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network cable tester data tdr

network cable tester LANTDR professional with tdr

$ 119.00 including GST

Network cable tester with tdr! Time reflectometer


Shows the continuity of each cable and pin-out, displaying graphically on the Testers LCD screen from pin-A to pin-B including errors pin by pin. It also displays any crossover between two or more cables.

Pair & Length:

Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) technology calculates cable length and distance to interruptions, enabling the technician to identify locate & repair faulty or damaged cable – even to a pair level.

Coax & Telephone:

LANTDR can also be used to check the phone, coaxial, or cables made from any metal.


Configuration and calibration of the Network Cable Tester can be set by the user.

tv signal tester finder for digital tv SQT783 digital aerial industries tuner A1

TV Signal Finder SQT-784

$ 274.36 including GST

Check out this great test Meter for a technician or enthusiast.

Designed to ensure that you position and angle your digital TV antenna in the correct direction for best reception. Suitable for the home, caravan, boating and leisure enthusiast



$ 27.00 including GST

Many try to copy this tool and they do, but they are nowhere near the quality, these have the patent number on them the cheap ones don’t. they are thicker plastic and strong blades essentially you get what you pay for.