Coax stripping tool rg 6 rg 59 quality reliable roller design 4 professional use

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Ants pant number 3 as all my strippers a great this is in the top 3

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oh man, this is my favourite stripping tool, so easy to use, reliable and has “scrap ejectors” what’s that? when you open the tool the cut piece of coax sheathing ejects so cool

  1.  2 blade self-centring
  2. rotary stripping tool with rollers
  3.  scrap ejectors.
  4.  Suits RG6, RG59 or any cable between 4.9 and 7.5mmø.
  5. Replacement blades also available (AS8106).

Please don’t be fooled by the cheapo rubbish ones, they are cheap for a reason, my reputation of selling quality is proven now with my great feedback, give it a go its the Toyota of strippers, not a KIA.



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