network cable tool kit stripper crimper tester

$ 38.70 including GST

Data starter kit all you need to get going!


Network Cable Tool Kit

Kit Includes

• Impact Punch Down Tool
• Cable Stripper / Cutter
• Crimping Tool for RJ45, RJ11& RJ12 fittings
• Cable Tester for RJ45, RJ11& RJ12 fittings

• 20 x RJ45 CAT5 fittings
• Carry case included

Ideal for CCTV or data
installations — a must-have Tool
Kit for your Network installation
requirements. The various tools
included in this pack will enable
you to cut your own custom
lengths of ethernet cable and
terminate either a RJ45, RJ11 or
RJ12 fitting.
This comprehensive Network Kit
keeps tools neatly in place within
the supplied Zipper Carry Case.