RG6 Crimp Tool Trade Quality Including 10 RG6F Connectors UHF VHF RG11 RG59

$ 68.45 including GST

Category: SKU: 08MM-CT611 /DA-F6MH




These are not the same as the cheaper ones, they are a quality tool, i bought 0ne 20 years ago and its still perfect,


i know we all want to save money, but why throw it away?


Professional Style Crimping Tool For RG59, RG6 And RG11 Connectors 08MM-CT611

This isn’t a toy one like others, its engineered not fabricated run of the mill rubbish, unlike the others it does a professional crimp and the torque is adjustable !

And just to make your purchase a dream 10 quality f connectors to go with it !!

The Antenna Company has a large range of 75 Ohm RF & Video connectors to suit every application. range includes RG59, RG6, and RG11 Hex Crimp and Compression type. Connectors available for F-Type, Pal IEC, BNC, RCA and many more.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for RG59, RG6 and RG11 coaxial cable

Provides a leverage system to present less strain on hands

Nonslip PVC handle Adjustable crimp force

Heavy-duty design

The ideal tool for speed and ease when working with crimp connectors