vast tv satellite anywhere

Vast tv is a free to air service that is run for people that cannot get normal tv. also it is for travellers so you can watch tv anywhere you go as long as you can see north you are ready to go. The Antenna company has good solutions for your travelling needs and they…

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Tv antenna Boosters What do they do?

  The word booster is a loose term used and needs to be explained. the boosters’ job is to increase the signal (boost) it, this device is used when the signal is low or is needed to run multiple TVs in a house or unit, etc. but in order for it to work properly, it…

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Australian made

5 Things to consider when buying a TV antenna

Australian Made TV Antennas Is anything made in Australia anymore? Yep, Matchmaster a brand synonymous with Australia has been around for 80 years. They sell and manufacture a range of Australian made TV antennas from Australian Aluminium. The construction of these TV antennas is unsurpassed by the thick 10 mm elements and powder-coated booms making…

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building a house

Pre-Wiring Building For Audio & Video

When Building A new home, An Audio Video pre-wire before completing the build makes a lot of sense. The Antenna Company Can Install The Most basic to the most complex Audio Video System One of the joys of building your own home is taking full advantage of exciting technologies that are widely available today but that were…

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