8 Way F Type Splitter high quality

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Splitters are used to split cabling for a Television, Paid T.V. service or even a Satellite signal so that it can be used for more than one device or across multiple devices. The splitter is a simple plug and play device that can be installed within minutes. … You can use this 8way splitter for any residential or commercial or satellite installation.


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17MM-DM08Q - 8 Way Splitter


8 Way Splitter ‘F’ Type 5-2400MHz Power Pass All Ports


Pay TV Approved

Splitters and Taps

Matchmaster has a premium range of RF Splitters & Taps ranging from 1 Way through to 8 Way. We cater for both Terrestrial and Satellite frequencies with both Single Port AC/DC and All Port DC Power Pass products available.

Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel Approved (F30959)
  • Suitable for both Satellite & FTA
  • DC power pass all ports
  • 10dB extra screening with soldered back
  • Frequency range 5-2400MHz
  • Also available in 50 pack (17MM-DM08QB)



Frequency Range5-2400MHz
Insertion Loss (In-Out)11.5-17.5dB
Return Loss (In/Out)10dB
Isolation (Out-Out)≥23dB



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