TV signal tester finder for digital UHF VHF Diy great product with test lead kit

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Digital TV Signal Finder12MM-DF02

Hi thanks for coming this far,

this is a little different as i am including a quality had made test lead  & adapter , i have been getting the odd question and return saying these do not work when i test them they work fine so this lead should eliminate problems. you need to start with the right things and not use stuff lying around in draws and the like.

i pre test these before they leave me so the packet will look as though it has been opened, don’t be alarmed its a precautionary measure ,and like you i hate spending my money on something that wont work.

 ok now that’s out of the way,… this meter is a big seller as it only gives an indication of signal present

they are a basic test unit, please check my other items as i have a comprehensive range of test meters.

The connections used must be f type connections (screw on)

they must be compression fit or adapted from a pre made known working lead

the cable should be rg6 but rg 59 is fine

no loose connections, 1 piece of copper wire shorting can cause problems.

Test Equipment

The Antenna Company has a range of test equipment from the simple signal finders through to professional high end analysers.

TAC can supply hands on training for all meter types as well as local service and repairs. All professional meters are tested and programmed by Matchmaster to your needs.

Features and Benefits

Designed to ensure that you position and angle your digital TV antenna in the correct direction for best reception Suitable for the home, caravan, boating and leisure enthusiast Provides LED lights to show signal strength for antenna adjustment Easy to use, compact design Includes 9V battery

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Please note: the word Quality is used loosely and it is unfortunate that we as humans are attracted to the “cheapest price” Matchmaster and the brands i sell are INDUSTRY STANDARD this means it is what the professionals use . These items are proven, tested, and endorsed by Australian Business owners a brand that has been around for 75 years has a proven track record and Nation wide support. money does buy happiness (sometimes) ?