tv signal tester finder for digital tv matchmaster 12MM DF-02 makes your job EZY

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A good Basic tester That indicates if signal present

standard4 - 105 %
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12MM-DF02 - Digital TV Signal Finder

Digital TV Signal Finder


Test Equipment

The Antenna company has a range of test equipment from the simple signal finders through to professional high end RF/Fibre optic analyzers.
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Features and Benefits

  • Designed to ensure that you position and angle your digital TV antenna in the correct direction for best reception
  • Suitable for the home, caravan, boating and leisure enthusiast
  • Provides LED lights to show signal strength for antenna adjustment
  • Easy to use, compact design
  • Includes 9V battery



Frequency Range TV174 ∼ 820MHz/ 500 ∼ 690MHz
Input1 ‘F’ Type Female Connector
Return LossInput10dB ≥ 8dB
Input LevelTV50 ∼ 80dBµV/50 ∼ 90dBµV/10dB Step
Battery Used (TV)50mA at 9VPower from B6F22 Battery
Switching Buttons PowerPowerOn/Off
Switching Buttons SignalTV1 x Red, 1 x Yellow, 2 x Green LED’s
LED’s Signal & Strength1 x Red, 1 x Yellow, 2 x Green LED’sRed: Weak, Yellow: Medium, Green: Strong
LED’s Power1 x RedPower Indicator