Test Meter Satking 2500c

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SatKing  SK-2500C High Definition Terrestrial TV Meter new model BNIB

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test meter Satking 2500c

Hi you have found the greatest thing since sliced bread presenting the all-new 2021 model Satking 2500c

This supersedes the old 2500 b and has significant improvements over the old one.

so practical and versatile and being able to see the picture is even better.

revised Input connection and better sensitivity.

So why these are so great is

  1.  they don’t have the $5000 price tag,
  2.  they are small, cheap, and versatile


Please note you may find them cheaper but either they are repacked or refurbished or not 2500c


They have the ability to power up masthead amplifiers selectable from 5v dc constant default- /12/17 selectable. and of course, being able to see the pictures in real-time.

I actually use one in the field every day and I reckon they are great.

The case is a nice soft rubber, removable battery, and sturdy shoulder strap with quick disconnect clips on them. backlit a nice blue/selectable/ and a bright torch when in the roof.

absolutely feature-packed will make your job easy.



  • Live TV
  • 3.5” Colour LCD Screen
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Built-in Torch
  • Signal buzzer
  • 3000MAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • HDMI Output
  • AV Input/Output
  • Media Playback Via the USB
  • Software Upgrade via USB
  • Carrier Too Noise Display
  • Compact Size
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Multi-Channel Signal Level Display Mode
  • BER Display
  • Spectrum Analyser Function
  • Mast Head Amp power output
  • Keyboard backlight
  • Can be used in New Zealand

Technical Specifications:

  • Signal Level: 25 to -65dBm
  • Channel: 6-69
  • Freq Range: 177.500-816.500MHz
  • Antenna Input: 1x F-Type
  • Voltage Input: 12VDC
  • Symbol Range: 2-45,000
  • Video Encoding: MPEG2/MPEG4
  • Audio: MPEG-1 Layer II , MPEG4 HE-AAC

Connections include 1 of the following:

  •  F-Female Input
  •  USB 2.0
  •  HDMI Output
  •  3.5mm AV Input
  •  3.5mm AV Output
  •  2.1mm DC Jack

Package Includes:

  • A Meter
  •  240v/12V Power Pack
  • 12V Cable
  •  Case
  •  Strap
  •  AV Cable
  •  Battery 3000MAh
  •  Gift Box


Additional information

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Dimensions25 × 23 × 7 cm