tv booster digital uhf vhf high gain 10mm-MD34P 4g LTE filter

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Mast Head amplifier Booster MATCHMASTER

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Please note Plastic casing may differ to picture but electronics is the same”
Hi and thanks for coming this far, 
Amplifiers are not all the same and this is a classic example of this fact,
Matchmaster has been around as long as the fj holden, and in fact, made the original tool kits that went into them.(FYI)
the “other brand “Kingray although very good cannot compete with the specifications of this unit, it has 4 g filtering and is in a full metal housing
this is quality at its best make no mistake.
this can be used purely for UHF only or VHF or a combination of the 2
also back by customer service and a generous warranty.
no fancy pants advertising here, just quality and backup service.

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in 4G LTE 694MHz low pass filter
  • Filtering at 750MHz is >50dB at maximum gain for UHF of 34dB
  • The VHF input return loss is >12dB with a noise figure of <4.8dB and UHF input return loss is >11dB with a noise figure of <2.9dB
  • Can be used with a combination antenna or separate VHF and UHF antennas by setting the built-in switch
  • Power through switch to drive extra amplifiers for both VHF and UHF
  • The pack contains a 14VDC power supply and a cable tie for mounting


Input 1VHF
Input 2UHF or VHF+UHF
VHF frequency range174-230MHz
VHF gain switchable10/20/28dB
UHF frequency range520-694MHz
UHF gain switchable15/25/34dB
Input Mode selectorMode 1Mode 2
VHF InNo signalVHF
OutputOutput to System (14VDC Input)
Return loss>12dB typical
Noise figure<=5dB
Impedance75 Ohm
Power consumption100mA
All “F” female connectors
Alloy diecast housing dimension93 x 66 x 1.5mm
Waterproof ABS plastic housing dimension123 x 108 x 50mm
Power Supply
Power adaptor190-240V AC/50-60Hz
OutputDC 14V/300mA
Antenna Port‘F’ Male
TV Port‘F’ Female
Nickel plated alloy housing
DC cable length1.8m
































I cannot stress how important it is to take your time when installing amplifiers. in 38 years i could comfortably say i have ever only had 4 dead units in all that time ,which equates to nothing considering the now thousands that have been sold. 

Boosters are not a miracle cure to bad reception they are designed to increase signal, you need a minimum level for them to work if you have interference or are in a lousy reception area or have old cable and old connections they will only amplify the problem. but if the signal is weak they will kick it up a notch.

my matchmaster range allow you to daisy chain for extra-long runs as well

if you buy any one of my quality proven industry-standard amplifiers before you presume its faulty call me first or send a message and we will go over it over the phone.



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