Digitial TV Antenna Booster AIMA124 uhf 24 DB vhf/FM dab 24 DB GAIN power supply included

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A quality amplifier booster that works well single input with power supply fm dtv uhf vhf 24db gain

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Masthead Amplifier 1 Input 24dB Gain 88-694MHz 12V DC Lte FilterMasthead Amplifier 1 Input 24dB Gain 88-694MHz 12V DC Lte FilterMasthead Amplifier 1 Input 24dB Gain 88-694MHz 12V DC Lte Filter



Please read

Sold with suitable power supply as well let me know if you want a PAL or an F type in checkout. An f  type will be supplied as a standard

the power supply may be either matchmaster or AI both are quality regardless


these are single combined, so one input for VHF or UHF 

Aerial Industries Mast Amplifiers amplify TV and FM whilst rejecting LTE 4G and GSM above 703MHz. Low band noise is also eliminated so Current TV bands can be clear and free from interference. AIMA 124 passes UHF from channel 28 up to 51 and VHF bands 2 & 3. Our deep weatherproof ABS case has space for longer F connectors. Tin plated internal shielded case enhances conductivity whilst inhibiting corrosion.

One of the best on the market, they work well, I have used these and see them on jobs after 12 years still kicking


The AIMA124 is a single input VHF & UHF mast amplifier with useful bandpass filtering, that keeps the TV, DAB+ and FM Radio bands clear and interference-free. 4G LTE signals are rejected by significant margins whilst mid-band (230 to 526MHz) is rolled off.

The amplifier is fully shielded and weather protected by its ABS case as well as its secure lock mechanism. The device suits PS14DCP or PS14DCF regulated power supplies.

Power supplies are available separately.

  • UHF TV (526 to 694MHz) is amplified by 24dB;
  • FM, VHF TV & DAB+ (88 to 230MHz) by 24dB.
  • can run on as low as 5v up to 14vdc
  • Power-on indicator