booster mast head amplifier johannson German 10mm j34bf 4 design uhf vhf digital

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German design, German quality just the best, made in china under licence to keep cost down , industry Professional standard.
 also includes power supply.
includes weather proof outside housing 
you can use these purely for either uhf or vhf or both
  1. Metal housing for shielding
  2. quality f thread connection
  3. adjustable gain controls for better signal balance
  4. UV stable plastic weather proof housing
  5. 4 g filter incorporated 
  6. Quality power supply short protected 


Frequency Range174-230MHz520-694MHz
Gain Maximum28dB34dB
Gain Control-15dB
Input Voltage14VDC
Noise Figure3.5dB2.5dB
Input Maximum35dBµV
Output Maximum105dBµV

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Please note: the word Quality is used loosely and it is unfortunate that we as humans are attracted to the “cheapest price” Matchmaster and the brands i sell are INDUSTRY STANDARD this means it is what the professionals use . These items are proven, tested, and endorsed by Australian Business owners a brand that has been around for 75 years has a proven track record and Nation wide support. money does buy happiness (sometimes) ?