Tv antenna cable lead RG6 QUAD 1.8 METER F TO F BLACK QUALITY MOULDED hdtv

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This is what quality is all about. absolutely no regrets in recommending this product for superior results and performance

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Check the quality of these babies! real coaxial not rubbish these cost over $20 retail if you can find one.

  1. Pre-moulded 1.8 meter  Quad tv fly lead
  2. BLACK coaxial cable
  3. standard F to an F fitting
  4. free swivel design

These are a quality item once again, pre-made to a standard, not a price,

what is a quad shield? it is shielded 4 times,  so has 4 layers, also the center conductor is really thick which equates to low signal loss.
we have plenty to choose from all at an affordable price.

May differ slightly from the picture shown