Receiver VAST ALTECH DSD4921RV 12/240 volt

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Receiver Vast Twin Tuner HD ALTECH new model with led display and 3 year warranty

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Twin Tuner VAST Satellite Receiver DSD4921RV: new model with led channel display

  • Compact — only 225 L x 42 H x 135 D mm, perfect for caravans.
  • Twin Tuner function — with dual DVB-S2 tuners you will never miss your favorite show again.
  • Ready to record — support and ready to convert into a PVR unit with an external USB2.0 storage device.
  • Made for Australian condition — ruggedized design and construction to suit the harsh Australian environment.
  • Dual Power operation (12V DC/ 240V) is perfect for homes or caravans and motor homes.
  • External 12V power supply — ready for regulated vehicle or solar power with reverse polarity protection.
  • Remote control IR extender on F Connector — for discreet installation.
  • Accesses free-to-air TV channels and Radio stations from almost anywhere in Australia.
  • Hybrid Broadband TV (HbbTV) Australian Profile ready with all key software features to support Freeview Plus.
  • Decodes High Definition HEVC / MPEG 2 & MPEG4 and Dolby Digital audio.
  • Closed caption subtitles.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) simplifies program access.
  • Software developed in Australia and optimized for Australian viewers.
  • Secure Boot Processor Core.
  • IRDETO secure silicon conditional access.
  • Firmware upgradable via USB and Over The Air.
  • VAST certified — and built for Optus Aurora Digital platform.
  • 12volt plug optional

Please be aware there are refurbished ones on the market this is BRAND NEW

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What channels are available on VAST?

Southern Cross Media and Imparja are broadcasting the full range of digital commercial television channels in standard definition (with programming from the 7, 9 and 10 networks) and the high definition channels One HD, 7mate and GEM.

VAST also provides all the standard and high definition channels from ABC and SBS.

The local news content from regional broadcasters is also available on dedicated local news channels exclusive to VAST.


What Equipment do I need?

Anyone wishing to access VAST will need to purchase a VAST-approved satellite set-top box and a satellite dish of at least 65cm diameter. Access to this new satellite service is managed by a smart card which is supplied with the satellite set-top box. To access VAST you will need to register your details including your address, reception location, and smart card number to enable access.


When is VAST going to be available in areas other than Remote Central & Eastern Australia?

Viewers who are eligible to access VAST services outside the Remote Central & Eastern license area can do so from the following dates.

RegionDigital Switchover DateVAST Access Available From
Mildura/Sunraysia30 June 2010Now
Regional SA & Broken Hill15 December 2010Now
Regional Victoria5 May 2011Now
Regional Queensland6 December 2011Now
Regional Southern NSW5 June 2012Now
Regional Northern NSW27 November 2012Now
Tasmania9 April 2013Now
Perth16 April 2013Now
Brisbane & Gold Coast28 May 2013Now
Melbourne10 December 2013Now
Adelaide2 April 2013Now
Sydney3 December 2013Now
Darwin30 July 2013Now
Remote Central & Eastern Australia10 December 2013Now
Remote Western Australia25 June 2013Now

VAST Registration Process Steps

Permanent or Traveller Registration?


The VAST decoder can be registered as a permanent or traveler registration. Permanent registration is for households with a fixed installation of the decoder. A traveler registration covers people who as part of their traveling are in areas of Australia not covered by normal terrestrial television.


The location of a permanent installation must be assessed to determine if the household has the ability to receive normal terrestrial television. This is a broadcast license condition for VAST so that the VAST service does not encroach on the license area of existing terrestrial commercial broadcasters.
This assessment is performed by the Government mySwitch web site.

  • Follow the “Satellite Decoder Online Registration” link on the home page of
  • Enter the residential address of the decoder location and press “Get Info”
  • This location is then assessed for the ability to receive signals from one or more local/regional terrestrial television transmitters. This assessment is indicated by the area under “Coverage summary” and on the regional map. The Red pin indicates the location of the residence. For addresses difficult to locate automatically the Red pin may be dragged across the map to indicate the actual location of the residence. This will also trigger the assessment process to indicate the signals in the new location.
  • If the address is assessed as being unsuitable for terrestrial reception you may continue the process to apply for VAST by following the link under “Satellite Summary (VAST) section.


  1. Follow the “Satellite Decoder Online Registration” link to mySwitch web site
  2. Enter residential address and press “Get Info”
  3. Read information about terrestrial television signal suitability.
  4. If a suitable terrestrial signal cannot be received got to the section “Satellite Summary (VAST)” and press the “Find Out More” button.
  5. Read information regarding VAST and then press the “More information” button.
  6. Read the information supplied and then proceed to the “Applying for VAST” section. Select the correct option and then press Apply.
  7. Read the confirmation information and then press Apply.
  8. A new web page will open on the MySatTV website. This is the registration page. Fill in all the required information and press “Submit Application”.
  9. Wait for a response from VAST. Depending on the location and type of registration your decoder may have been activated within a couple of minutes.
  10. Some applications will require further processing by the VAST Call Centre, this may take up to 2 business days.



The traveler registration provides access to the VAST service through a Temporary Reception Certificate.


  • A Traveller’s Registration is based on a Temporary Registration Certificate. This certificate lasts for 6 months, and then the Commercial television services will be removed.
  • The services accessible are determined by the State where you are traveling.
  • As you move from State to State you must advise the VAST Call Centre by phone, email or online inquiry form what services you require.
  • You may renew the temporary certificate within one month of expiration or any time after expiration. The renewal can be performed online (preferred option), or by calling the VAST Call Centre.


  1. Follow the link to “Traveller’s Registration” on the MySatTV
  2. Enter the required owners and decoder details.
  3. Select and confirm the statements in the Declaration section and press “Submit Application”.
  4. Wait for a response from VAST. Depending on the location and type of registration your decoder may have been activated within a couple of minutes.
  5. The processing of a new decoder application may take up to 2 business days.

note:The magic eye is an optional extra