F Type to F Plug barrel joiner high frequency 3Ghz x 6 RG 6 QUAD UHF FOXTEL app

$ 10.00 including GST

F to F Barell joiner high-frequency low loss

standard4 - 105 %
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Premium quality f connectors 6 pack don’t be fooled by cheap imports

these are approved Foxtel inserts marked by the blue internals

Makes a good connection if using the appropriate equipment, FYI, every time you join or insert something into the equation you lose 1.5 dB (insertion loss) it is crucial to use good bits so as to minimise your chances of failure.

Features and Benefits


  • Foxtel Approved (F30828)
  • Nickel-plated
  • 3G frequency
  • Suitable for FTA and SAT signals
  • Blue insert