Phased Array Digital Antenna

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Phased Array Digital TV Antenna Vertical/Horizontal With Balun 8 Elements


standard4 - 105 %


Not Just any Antenna

The little brother of the BIGRAY, This is a phased array digital Antenna, this range of tv antennas are specifically designed to chase/receive signals that are far away.

If you are located about 60 Kilometres from a VHF transmitter this will help, if you are more than that the big ray is the one to go for.

The 03MM-LITTLE RAY makes use of a phased array antenna in order to receive channels 6-12.

The quality of these antennas is great and they can yield a maximum gain of 9.5dB.

The unit comes with compact packaging, making it that much more space-efficient, and boasts a highly durable 12.7mm element build.

All Matchmaster Antennas are designed to work in the most difficult of circumstances.

You can go to bunnings and waste your money, that’s fine but if you have read this and have come this far it means you are seeking something much better.

Be a happy customer and deal with a professional you can trust I am only a phone call away and if I don’t answer straight away ill call you back

Features and Benefits

  • The best just got better! 03MM-LITTLE RAY comes with the
  • 8 Element VHF phased array digital Antenna
  • Receives Channels 6-12
  • Snap lock element construction
  • 12.7mm Heavy duty extruded elements for maximum strength and durability
  • 9.5dB Maximum gain
  • Compact packaging for space efficiency


    • Elements 8

    • Band B3Channels (6-12)

    • Maximum Gain 9.5dB

    • Front/Back Ratio 14dB

    • Balun Type ‘F’ Type

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