Digital VHF TV Antenna 10 element

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Digital VHF TV Antenna  (6-12) 10 Elements 03MM-DR3010

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This quality Digital VHF 10 element Antenna is designed to ensure that you get the best picture.

This Digital Vhf Tv Antenna is the perfect antenna for regional areas. It will pick up the following channels, 2,7,9,10 and all derivatives. This Antenna is made from aluminium in Australia and will probably outlast religion!

Matchmaster premium Digital Vhf Tv Antenna are suitable for metropolitan & rural areas using VHF broadcasts. Heavy-duty construction with ‘F’ type baluns to improve signal quality.

Features and Benefits

  • 10 Element VHF Yagi antenna
  • Receives Channels 6-12
  • 4G LTE 652MHz low pass filter
  • 12.7mm Heavy duty extruded elements for maximum strength and durability
  • 9.5dB Maximum gain
  • Snap lock design for fast installation
  • Made in Australia
  • Digital Vhf Tv Antenna

Product Summary

The 03MM-DR3010 takes advantage of its 12-element Yagi design to receive channels 6-12 with the utmost quality. It provides a 9.5dB maximum gain, further ensuring great picture quality. The unit is sturdy as well, with a durable 12.7mm build and a snap-lock design for keeping it in place no matter what the weather may bring.


  • Elements 10
  • Band B3
  • Channels (6-12)
  • Maximum Gain 9.5dB
  • Front/Back Ratio  >20dB
  • AV VSWR 1.5:1
  • Boom Dimension 25 x 19mm
  • Boom Length 1845 mm


Additional information

Weight2.82 kg
Dimensions900 × 26.5 cm