Uhf antenna Matchmaster 02MM-DG91

$ 189.00 including GST

Digital TV Antenna UHF (28-51) 91 Elements 02MM-DG91

5G/4G Ready and DVB-T2/HDR/HEVC/4K UHD Compatible

standard4 - 105 %


Uhf antenna Matchmaster 02MM-DG91


The most powerful engineered Tv antenna in Australia if your not quite getting enough signal try this monster!!

boom Length 2.238 meters !! it’s HUGE in 2 pieces

Solid heavy-duty construction made from Aussie aluminium here in Sydney yes your reading correct real Aussie Quality

these perform to spec and outdo all the fancy-schmancy Chinese crud, pay a little more get a lot more

these will last

Features and Benefits

  • 694MHz low pass 4G LTE filter > 30dB at 750 MHz
  • 91 element X type element
  • Australian Made
  • 16dB maximum gain
  • Receives UHF Channels 28-51
  1. Made here in Australia
  2. Quality aluminium build
  3. f type connection for security and ease of installation
  4. heavy duty mounting bracket
  5. Backed by A National company
Frequency Range520-694MHz
Maximum Gain16dB
Front/Back Ratio>26dB
Half Power Beam Width Horizontal30°
Half Power Beam Width Vertical33.3°
Wind Loading Horizontal109N
Boom Length2238mm (Split Boom)
Balun Type‘F’ Type PCB


these are what professionals use and don’t be fooled by cheap imports your just throwing your money away.

Suitable for most of the eastern seaboard, Major capital cities still run VHF so ask if not sure.



Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions150 × 25 × 15 cm


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