FM radio Antenna stereo

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FM Antenna stereo (88-108MHz) with VHF/UHF Input/Combiner 03MM-1EFM


5G/4G Ready and DVB-T2/HDR/HEVC/4K UHD Compatible

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If you love FM radio antenna stereo as much as The Antenna Company does and you have a good quality tuner, this is the way to go. This antenna is designed well and it is an install and forget situation. You don’t need to adjust to the correct direction! You only need to install the product and you’re ready to go!

Obviously, geographical scenarios vary and height and position play a role, in the end, result in multipath distortion, or reflection from hills, etc can cause distortion or scratch

Features and Benefits

  • Ring-type FM dipole antenna
  • Receives FM 88-108MHz
  • 4G LTE 694MHz low pass filter
  • Contains FM/UHF Band 3 Diplexer
  • Quick mounting clamp for easy and fast installation
  • Omnidirectional just install and enjoy
  • Links in with original TV antenna arrangement
  • fm radio Antenna stereo


  • Elements 1
  • Frequency 88-108MHz, 170-230MHz, 470-694MHz
  • Gain 8.5dB
  • Impedance 75 Ohm
  • Dimension Diameter 520mm
  • Balun Type ‘F’ Type PBC

Easy to nstall incorporates a through diplexer , so you can use 1 wire to intergrate the antenna  into the system . if you want to split the signal we have a spaecial plate that allows you to do wall plate

fm antenna

Additional information

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Dimensions52 × 52 × 8.5 cm