HALO Auto Satellite Dish full auto 85cm

$ 2,499.00 including GST

The HALO Auto Satellite Dish full Automation plug in turn on sit down watch tv.

standard4 - 105 %


dish demo video


The Altech UEC HALO auto-pointing, auto-skewing satellite dish system is a game-changer.   No other dish in its class features a quad LNBF (run VAST and Foxtel at the same time) with power over a single coax, minimizing the total number of cables.   At the price-point, the HALO leaves its competitors eating dust.

The single cable system makes watching VAST TV a breeze:  just plug in and tune-up.   If you want to run VAST and Foxtel IQ at the same time, you can do that too, using 2, 3 or 4 cables.  The 60cm dish will work well in South Eastern Australia.  The 85cm dish is required for optimal coverage throughout Australia.  The Altech UEC HALO has a small installation footprint and can be mounted to a stand (for portable use) or mounted permanently to the roof of an RV.

This can be installed on a portable mount or fixed to the van and can be done DIY. full support back up parts and instructions are supplied installation can be arranged and demonstrations in tweed by appointment only.



Pair with an Altech UEC DSD4921 set top box or PVR for the ultimate in remote TV simplicity.


  • Choice of 2 indoor units (flush wall mount or set top unit)
  • Quad LNB to support VAST and Foxtel (up to 4 cables)
  • Built-in GPS and Auto Skew Adjustment
  • 2-year warranty
  • Single coax cable connection between indoor and outdoor unit for power and signals
  • Metal Gearbox


dish demo video