satellite tester finder optus fox b3 vast pre programmed sq 722 caravan tool diy

$ 114.99 including GST

A quality meter designed for an accurate yet stress-free installation /alignment makes all the right noises easy efficient and well priced.

standard4 - 105 %




this is what you need for a hassle-free traveling life or if you install these, this is a great meter and is the latest version, yep there are cheaper ones but they are a different model!

Comes with test lead as well 1.8 meter Quad shield f connector cable.


  • Locks the right satellite, every time
  • Indicates signal quality and strength
  •  Fast response time simplifies alignment
  •  VAST, Optus C1 & D3 pre-programmed
  •   Instant response to changes in the signal, no waiting
  •  Audible tone enables users to ‘hear’ the alignment
  •  Improved brightness, now easier to read in daylight
  •   Powered directly from a Set Top Box, no batteries required

Using this meter

I use on of these an a bi-weekly basis, what is so great about this is its quickness and accuracy, simply plugin and away you go it has 3 settings for different satellites but the first one will do Foxtel and Vast straight of the bat, move dish in approximate direction and the indicators will start to light then as you align the dish the beeps increase then a constant tone is reached you are on the money.

a really good item