uhf diplexer combiner quad dual input get mega gain or separate directions stack

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4 input UHF quadplexer /stacking filter add 4 antennas to get lots more gain

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What does this do?

OK so this allows you to combine 4 UHF antenna into one output, or you can stack the antenna so you get twice/four times the gain. Adding 1 plus 1. so if you are in a low reception area and you need more gain this will help along with a good masthead amplifier (booster)

The other benefit of this device is to allow you to have 4/2 UHF antennas pointing in different directions so as to pick up different transmitters


just make sure channels do no overlap from different transmitters this will cause break up eg ch 34 from north ch 34 west not that this is common but just a heads up

Also if you are stacking make sure that the cable lengths are exactly the same (very important)


lastly, you can also have 1 antenna on vertical polarisation and on horizontal, good for campers etc you don’t have to change antenna polarisation when you pull up to camp.