foxtel TV Antenna splitter connect both at once get your TV back as it should be

$ 29.95 including GST

Get back your tv picture that pay-tv stole!

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Split your TV signal and Foxtel in one go!

Interesting how When you pay for a service you get less.
In the service providers wisdom, they saw fit to disconnect your TV and plug their box in instead. This is an insult and should be offence, you see, your TV has a sophisticated tuner installed at the factory , which shows you HD pictures when available, but FOX disconnects this and runs it through their standard definition box. your TV now is just a monitor.
Now you have a TV with no signal, you have a Ferrari with retreads!
rediscover the true Quality of your tv with my little kit


whats in the kit john?

  • 2-way splitter
  • 2 x f to pal leads quad shield
  • 1 x f to f lead quad shield

if you have an f TV wall plate please advise so I can supply the correct leads so will change to 2 f to fs and 1 pal to f.

the tv leads are  Pre Made rg6 quad leads (high Quality) but I may even have to make up by hand (same price) 

Not sure just ask