Skirting Board TV Antenna mount f Female including screws foxtel approved 3 GHZ

$ 6.99 including GST

High quality skirt mount FOXTEL approved 3GHZ

standard4 - 105 %


hello again, or hi for the first time

Here you have found a QUALITY skirt f mount. This is Foxtel Approved, it has to meet stringent quality and frequency tests, in a nut shell it works

Features and Benefits

  • Foxtel approved (F10124)
  • Coaxial connector for use on skirting boards
  • Compact and clean design
  • Blue 3G rated inner
  • White plastic casing which is true white and thicker!

yes i see the cheaper ones on here but oils aint oils… showing my age

if you want the best these are it
also, f type is the best, and most secure way of terminating a TV connection. and using good quality rg6 coaxial cable will improve your chances 
of a successful result. the cheap flimsy one you buy from the shops is so inferior it does my head in.