VHF tv antenna Fracarro log periodic 6-12 metro Digital HDTV vertical horizontal

$ 59.99 including GST

a great performing antenna VHF only for metro Brisbane Sydney Melbourne and some regional towns across Australia

standard4 - 105 %
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Well this is a good little screamer, typical in the fashion of Italian things, this Antenna is slim,stylish,and performs very well.

You can use this as a directional FM antenna as well or digital radio Antenna (DAB)
Features and Benefits Channels:
  • VHF: 6-12 b3
  • block A Gain: 9 dBF/B Ratio: 25 dB
  • Boom Length: 65cmSpecifications
  • Band 3 Channels
  • VHF: 6–12 Bandwidth
  • 177–227MHz
  • Maximum gain VHF: 9 dBiFront-to-back ratio VHF: 25dB
  • Return loss VHF: -16 dBBeamwidth (from -3 dB points) VHF: +/-30°Impedance
  • 75ΩMaximum mast diameter Ø 60mm Dimensions
  • (L x W) 65 x 33cm
  • Wind load at 120Km/h (720N/m2) 2.8kg (27.46N)
  • Accessories Horizontal (or Vertical polarisation)  Included Connector F typeThis is a Quality ITALIAN Made TV antenna YES ITALIAN made
  • Please replace your old cable if more than 7 years old you will find Quality RG6 Coaxial Cable in my other items, or just send me a question with your needs and i will respond with an all inclusive offer! connections are crucial and should not be overlooked , if you are  not confident with crimp connections and f type fittings , no worries. These come with a twist on fitting (shown in last picture as a pair only for identification purposes , only a single unit supplied) regardless but so many get it wrong, which can cause unnecessary grief with the picture, you get unhappy , you think its a bad product yada yada yada, just ask for help and guidance if not sure, i want to help. i want you to be happy