VHF Antenna Matchmaster 03MM-DC21V

$ 139.00 including GST

The Best Vhf Digital Tv Antenna In Australia And Australian Made 03MM-DC21V

standard4 - 105 %



This is a reference standard Antenna, it is quality and designed to work within the stringent frequency parameters. 

Features and Benefits

  • The best just got better! 03MM-DC21V comes with the DIGIMATCH GOLD LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • 8 Element VHF G unit Yagi antenna
  • VHF Digital TV ANTENNA
  • Receives Channels 6-12
  • 4G LTE 652MHz low pass filter
  • 12.7mm Heavy duty extruded elements for maximum strength and durability
  • Snap lock design for fast installation
  • Vertical mounting requires a standoff bracket 11 MM SM1-15
    Click here to view the bracket

Matchmaster 03MM-DC21 Antenna Specifications

Band: B3
Channels B3 VHF (6-12)
Maximum Gain B3 8dB
AV VSWR <2:1
Front/Back Ratio B3 16dB
Balun Type ‘F’ Type Balun
Boom Length 1538mm

See How this Matchmaster Digital Vhf TV ANTENNA is Made


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