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Antenna Installations

The fastest and most time-saving way to determine this is to give John from the Antenna company a call on 0490 777 033

Satellite Reception
Satellite Television

Watch free to air television on the Eastern Seaboard with a dedicated dish and set-top box. Install and pricing information, please call 0490 777 033.

TV Antenna Solutions

Ok so you have just moved into a new place with an existing antenna, you have plugged your TV in and to your complete horror nothing, no dice and worse still no reception. The most common problem is that the previous owners have taken the power supply with them that powers up the booster outside.

A missing booster including the fittings is a very common problem and I sell these all the time to correct this type of problem so check this first then go from there.

As soon as you make contact, I can have one sent to you within three days in most cases.

Antenna Installation and Repairs


DIY Television Antenna Kits

This doesn’t need to be daunting at all; it’s just a bunch of wires that do something. I am here to help. The Antenna Company has 30 Years experience If you have a day and patience you will succeed in installing your Tv Antenna system . All that needs to happen is for it to work!

Connections are an integral part of the Antenna system to make sure it is working correctly, I cannot count how many times I have turned up to a job and found a faulty lead to being the culprit, so this is a must.

DIY kits are made with simplicity in mind just click on eBay Kits button below

I can custom make a package for you, make leads to length all you need to do is let me know what you need or arrange a time when I can come out and have a look.

Have a look at my kits they are pretty inclusive, and if there are any questions, please feel free to ask call on 0490 777 033!